Wars Don't End

a film by Dheeraj Akolkar



War is hell, but for the children of the occupier and the occupied, hell truly begins when peace comes - and it lasts a lifetime. With captivating narration, Liv Ullmann leads us through the lifelong struggles of five children born of the Second World War. 'Wars Don't End' shines light on valuable lessons from the past, equally relevant now, as they will be in the foreseeable future.

In the wake of the Second World War, thousands of children were born to German soldiers and mothers from occupied territories. Many of these innocent children stood without sorely needed protection and were treated as fair game. 70 years later, the Norwegian war children break the silence and share their soul-stirring stories. In their moving testimonies, they reflect upon the abuse they endured for being the carriers of the “Nazi genes” and the systematic discrimination they faced, being shunned by their communities and their government alike. As living witnesses still enduring abuse, they speak of their deep desire to make a positive difference and protect the future of children born of war today.




In 2000, Dheeraj topped bachelor of architecture from University of Pune, India to become a qualified architect. Then he worked extensively in the Indian film industry on various films such as ‘Lagaan’ (Academy Award Nominee 2001), ‘Devdas’ (Cannes Showcase 2002, BAFTA nominated 2003), ‘Charas - A Joint Effort’, ‘Sala Bandar’ (official selection Rotterdam 2004, nominated Best Short Film Edinburgh 2004) and ‘Black’ (Time magazine's fifth best film of the year 2006).
As a writer, director, cinematographer and producer, his own work includes short films ‘Jyotirgamaya - Lead Me To The Light’ (IDPA Awards for Excellence 2005: Best Script and Best Editing), ‘Whatever!’ (ICE 2006 2nd Best Film of the Festival), ‘Sold my Soul’ (Official Selection Clermont Ferrand 2007) and ‘Asylum’ (Official Selection Rotterdam 2010). 

Dheeraj topped University of London in 2007 with distinction in MA in Feature Film and works between the UK, India and Scandinavia on a slate of five films under his London based production company Vardo Films (www.vardofilms.com) His first feature film, ‘Liv & Ingmar’ (2012), is a magnificent tribute to both Liv Ullmann, the Norwegian actress and the great Swedish filmmaker Ingmar Bergman. Told with emotion, candor and wit by Liv Ullmann in person and filmed on Bergman's Faro Island personal estate, ‘Liv & Ingmar’ (2012) is at once a precious document and a universal love story.

Alongside Vardo Films, Dheeraj is the founder of a charity called ‘Grassroots Stories’ (www.grassrootsstories.org) which specializes in making films that can inspire social change.


Genre: Documentary
Year of completion: 2018
Length: 63 min
Directed by: Dheeraj Akolkar
Written by: Dheeraj Akolkar
Narration by: Liv Ullmann
Produced by: Christian Falch & Torstein Parelius
Co-producer: Elin Festøy
In Association with: Teknopilot


Music: Stefan Nilsson
Editor: Tushar Ghogale
Cinematographers: Haakon Wettre, Torstein Nodland, Henrik Flatås, Haakon Ø. Wuttudal
Sound design: Svenn Jakobsen
Color correction: Cato Lauvli
Graphics: Victoria Pelejero
Production manager: Haakon Ø. Wuttudal
Outreach producers: Ingrid Galadriel Aune Nilsen & Elin Festøy
Involved TV chanels: NRK


Part of a transmedia project supporting The Children Born of War Project